Friday, September 14, 2018

What Mistake?

Last night I was machine quilting into the wee hours of the morning due to the bag of IV steroids I received as part of my infusion treatment earlier in the week:

If you haven't ever had the pleasure of IV steroids, you are missing out.  My mind and heart are racing, my stomach is churning, and sleep is but a memory.  It will wear off soon, but not yet.  So I quilted.

I machine quilted a scrappy Sweet Tooth Cutie Quilt and was tickled when I was finished


Did I actually stitch a fold of the backing into the quilt?  Why yes.  Yes, I did.


I started to plan how best to pick out the stitching when I realized that this was the perfect location for a label!

I grabbed a square of scrap fabric and pressed it into a triangle:

I placed it over the "Oops I folded over the backing" corner of the quilt:

I stitched the label in place:

Then I bound the quilt from the back like I normally do:

 I turned and clipped the binding to the front:

I stitched the binding in place from the front with a thin, neutral bobbin thread so the stitching didn't show up loudly on the back of the quilt:

I hand stitched the folded edge of the triangle in place:

Mistake?  What mistake?  I don't see a mistake on the back of my quilt!

Phew.  I hate making labels but this was so much easier than unquilting/requilting the entire corner of my quilt.

Problem solved.

I could have had another problem while quilting this quilt, but it's one I can typically avoid.


I nearly finished a cone of FabuLux Cuddle on the front of the quilt and I actually did finish a cone of DecoBob 113 in the bobbin.  That is my favorite bobbin color because it blends in so well with most backings and matches most threads/quilt tops.

Extra thread is a good thing.

Now I need the weather to clear so I can get a good photo of this "No, I never made a mistake!" quilt!

Do you have other hints on how to avoid or cover quilting mistakes?


Jacqueline said...

Great fix. Sorry no hints to offer.

Lisa Marie said...
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Crystal_235 said...

Great way to fix the mistake!

sathya said...

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Shasta Matova said...

Great save! I've done that before, but mine was so far up that I couldn't just cover it up like you did. I cut off the excess and left it as a raw edge label.

Unknown said...

Oh, how clever to cover your mistake, that you never make ! What a great idea, which I am sure I will use. Thanks for sharing.