Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Bullet Journal

My new year starts when the last trip of the year is over.  Which is now.  Today, actually.

Happy New Year!

I love everything about New Year, especially a new planner.  I'm a Bullet Journal fan, so I make my own planner.  I bought blank notebooks online and each becomes whatever I need it to be.  Blank notebooks are boring and I'm a quilter, so I made my own planner cover when I was under the weather last week.  Want to see it?

Yes, I'm teasing.  I pulled out five different FabuLux threads and started playing with my Handi Quilter Stitch 510 machine.  This is the first time I ever converted the foot and plate for free-motion quilting.  Why did I wait so long???

I quilted the entire outside cover like this:

These circles were inspired by a garment stitched by the incomparable Gilbert Muniz.

I stitched the cover:

While I'm always happen when using my planner, I think this cover is going to make me even happier!

Did you know that there is a sampler pack of the threads that I used in this project?  Check them out HERE.

If you want to know more about bullet journaling, Dot Journaling is a good book to read to get started.

I also found someone's blog post about what they wish they knew before they started their bullet journal.  Read it HERE.

Happy New Year and Happy Journaling!


Lisa Marie said...

Wow, I agree that just looking at that cover would make a person happy! So gorgeous!

Eileen said...

I'm working on setting up my bullet journal for 2019 as well. Problem with having ADHD is that I bounce all over the place. Productivity is tough, the older I get. But I'm not giving up.

I didn't realize the difference in our ages! Never mind what my age is :-)

Sorry I missed your FB live today. I did watch the replay. I picked up the big board top from TNT a few years ago at MQX. Mike uses it more than I do!