Tuesday, December 18, 2018


One of my goals during my time at home this winter is "Clean the Sewing Room."  We all know that a clean sewing room is an utter impossibility, but I like to pretend sometimes.

I decided to at least try to clear off my cutting surface.  Earlier this fall, I made a quilt.  I had SO MUCH FUN quilting it!

How does this relate to cleaning my cutting table?  Well... the scraps for this quilt have been on my cutting table since September.  I decided to make something out of them just to make some space on the table.

I made the same pattern, Share and Share Alike, but used the leftover border fabric for half of the blocks and the leftover backing fabric for the other half.  Scraps from the blocks are in each block.  I pulled some fabric from my stash collection for the borders and backing.  I quilted it using my go-to FabuLux Giggle thread.

And did I make space on the table?

Some.  I think I need to deal with the fabric behind the rotary cutter next.  Hmmm..... which Cutie Pattern shall I use?  Scarves to Share?

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Pamela Arbour said...

I am planning to get my sewing room in shape and keep it that way for next year. Let's see how we do? The stuff on top of my cutting table has been there all year!