Friday, December 28, 2018

Super-Fun Stepping Stones

In October, when I was ridiculously busy with Quilt Market and Quilt Festival prep, I dreamed of a specific quilt.  I wanted to make my Stepping Stones Cutie Pattern in Poison Purple fabrics with Acid Green background.  I went to my local quilt shop, Quilt Basket, and started looking for 16 Poison Purple fabrics since all Cutie Patterns use 16 fat eighths.  The shop had plenty of fabrics to choose from, but the quilt looked better in my mind.  All of the Cutie fabrics in one color just fell flat, no matter how vibrant the Poison Purple was.  I did what I normally do when things don't turn out the way I want them to; I screamed "Plot Twist!" and bought was the Alison Glass Road Trip collection with a Sun Print in bright yellow/green for the background instead.  It had the same punch I was going for but the variety of colors/prints made it actually work!

I usually quilt Stepping Stones with a lot of (wait for it....) ribbon candy quilting, but this time I wanted to see what it would look like if I only quilted straight lines using my walking foot.  Well -- it.  Looked.  FANTASTIC!

I took to heart the "lime green is a neutral" school of thought and quilted this using FabuLux Hint of Lime thread with DecoBob in the bobbin.  I love how the sage DecoBob bobbin blended in with the bright pink backing fabric.  Have I mentioned before how much I love DecoBob in my bobbins?  I almost want to make this quilt again and quilt it with FabuLux In The Pinks, Blue Heaven, or Wisteria thread since they would have all looked great and each looked different.  Sadly, I have too many other quilts in my mind (and in my quilt studio!) to remake this quilt three more times.

Do you like the straight line quilting in this quilt?  If you live near me (New York's Hudson Valley), I will be teaching a class at the Quilt Basket in early January on how to use the walking foot on your home machine to get this result on your quilts at home.  I designed a simple new quilt, Quilters' Hearts, for students to practice their machine quilting in class.  Each Cutie Pack will make TWO Quilters' Hearts quilts and each machine quilting class is a one-day class.  I used Tula Pink Zuma fabric for my class sample:

The new Cutie pattern is not back from the printer yet, but we will give directions to enrolled students so they can make the quilt in time for the class.

Have you ever planned a quilt in your mind that didn't look good once you saw the fabrics together?  Do you scream "Plot Twist" and do something weird when things don't work out the way you planned? 


Peggy Meyering said...

Sign me up for quilting class! Sew excited.

Cindy Nile said...

Like life, quilting would be boring without a few plot twists. Love the colors in the quilt. I have question about thread. I was taught to use cotton thread for piecing and quilting a quilt. I just cotton fabric, cotton thread and cotton batting. Because of my "all cotton" mindset, I'm having a difficult time to get myself to try your Fabulux thread for quilting my quilts. I only quilt on my home sewing machine and only smaller projects, like table runners and baby quilts. Everything else I send to a long armer. Any advice??
Thank you,
Cindy Nile

Debby Brown said...

Cindy Nile -- I sent you a reply on FB messenger but I'll include the link here, too:

Pamela Arbour said...

I like how your stepping stones turned out. The straight line quilting looks great, but the ribbon candy would look good as well. I really like your bright background on this one.

Unknown said...

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