Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Boxed In Cutie Pattern

I made a new Boxed In Cutie Pattern sample and I can't wait to show it to you:

I cut my scraps into Cuties (fat eighths) so that I can simply select them and start sewing.  I pulled sixteen bright Cuties from my collection, some black background fabric, and some pinky-peach border fabric and sat down to quilt.  This pattern goes together very quickly so I was ready for the quilting in no time at all.  I pulled out some dark green thread because:

1. I had a bunch of dark green thread
2. I wanted to see if dark green thread looks good on black fabric

Well, the dark green thread looked great on the black fabrics, as well as the bright fabrics and even the border!

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If you like the quilting in my samples, I teach some of those designs in my Craftsy Class.

Happy Quilting!

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