Thursday, June 04, 2015

Returning the Love

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Do you read Paula Reid's quilting blog?  No?  Well go and read it now! And sign up to read it regularly because Paula is a gem!

Paula and I have known each other for several years.  Sadly, we only see each other at quilt shows and then there is usually only time for a quick hug.  I dream of a day when I will retire from quilting and just go to quilt shows and hang out with all of the cool people that I never get to spend real time with now because I'm always working.  Maybe someday...

While I was on vacation last week, Paula published a post written by ME!  I write about a shameful secret in that has been locked in my quilting closet for years.  Check it out. 

You should also check out Paula's Craftsy class.

Paula really gives the nuts and bolts of quilting in this class, like basting, marking, and moving the fabric.

I know that you will love Paula as much as I do!

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