Sunday, June 07, 2015

Studio Cleaning: The Squishy Bits

Confession:  I am frugal.  I save lots of little bits of things... like batting.

As I've been cleaning my studio over the last several weeks, I put all of my batting scraps into IKEA bags, one for wool and one for cotton:

I kept these bags in the hallway outside of the studio as I was cleaning and they kept getting fuller, and Fuller and FULLER!!!

I am finishing up some projects and needed batting for them.  I pieced a wool batting for a 48x48 quilt and a cotton batting for a 72x72 quilt.  Those bags got a little emptier:

They now take up very little room in my hallway:

I think that I can find space for them in my studio finally!  That's a double score:  organized batting scraps waiting for the next project and a clear hallway.  

I think if I keep at this cleaning thing, I'll have a presentable studio in, say.... 7 or 8 years?

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