Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Give Up!

Have you ever tried to count the number of projects in your sewing room?  I gave up at 100, and I wasn't half done yet!

How can I clean a room with so many undone projects in it?

  1. I could finish a bunch of projects, but then I have no chance of a clean sewing room in this lifetime.
  2. I could buy pretty boxes for each project, but then I'd spend more time arranging than quilting and that would make me sad.  Also, I'd rather spend that project box money on fabric!
  3. I could admit defeat and get rid of some fabric and projects.

I have given away a lot of books and patterns to my quilt guild.  I've been slowly gifting fabric to my local library's quilt group; they have no storage and I don't want to overwhelm them.

Now, I have my eyes on my UFOs.  UFOs like this one:

I love this apron pattern and have made several of them for myself and for gifts. It was clear after at least 4 years, though, that I was never going to make this apron in the Daiwabo fabrics I had selected.  I gave the pattern away at a recent guild meeting and I put the precious Daiwabo fabric back in the box with the rest of the Daiwabo fabrics.  I didn't clear up much space in my sewing room (only one small pattern is missing) but I have one less project on my "I really should finish up all of my UFOs" list.  My brain is happier.

The next project on my "get it done or get rid of it" list is this one:

I'll give you $1 if you can tell me what this was supposed to be!  For now, this is on my cutting table where I can see it and hopefully remember what I planned to make from it.  If I can't remember, I'll either make something else or put the fabric back into my stash.

Welcome to my too-full sewing room and too-full brain!


Maartje Quilt said...

I know the feeling. A lot of UFO's always try to organise my sewing room and I feel it will always be the same onorganised sewing room. But I am happy when I sew and start a new project. Have a lot of fun in your sewing room!!!

debby said...

One project at a time, right Maartje?