Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Tour of My Current Quilting Projects

I'm at home this week, recovering from some medical treatments.  I have a variety of quilting projects to keep me entertained.

I thought you might like to see my quilt buffet.

I am spending most of my time in my super-comfy quilting chair that I bought super-cheap at auction.  I still squeal when I think of the deal I got on this, my favorite piece of furniture.  I am mostly parked at my piecing machine (my HQ Stitch 510 needs a name!) with an old Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt called Lazy Sunday:

I'm webbing the blocks and sashing together.  I know that there is a heavily pieced border coming and I might be dreading that part just a bit.

When I tire of piecing, I amble over to my cutting table and cut a few more pieces for an upcoming queen-sized Cutie quilt (sneak peek!):

This quilt will piece up so quickly once I get it cut!  And then I get to use my FabuLux Be Cool thread when I quilt it!!!

I have a scrappy quilt on Sergio, My HQ Simply Sixteen tonight.  I'm using FabuLux Mellow Yellows thread and quilting ... wait for it... Ribbon Candy!

On Bella, My HQ Fusion, I have an old Moda University quilt.  I'm quilting ribbon candy and leaves using FabuLux Rocking Horse thread:

I'm quilting up one of my new favorite quilts (the pattern will be on my website soon) using FabuLux Cuddle thread:

If I need a diversion, I can dive into my scraps and continue to slowly piece my Bonnie Hunter En Provence mystery quilt:

Yes, I'm two weeks behind.  Don't judge me.

As you can see, I have plenty to keep me occupied this month.  If I happen to finish all of this, I might make a few gifties for the season.

Tomorrow, I'll show some of the problem areas in my studio.  Buckle up!

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KathyD said...

I love seeing your progress and the way you organize your space and projects. Just wish I had more time to sew.
Can't wait to see your next post!

Lori said...

It's fun to see that you have different things in progress all at once. I am that way too...I figure I can't ever get bored!

beefi8 said...

I love everything about your quilting! Thank you for sharing!