Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I have a few questions for you:

Did you make any Christmas/holiday presents?

Did you get them done in time?

Did you know it's nearly impossible to get a good photograph of a neutral-colored hat?

I made a new hat for my hat-wearing mom. She likes neutral/muted colors, so I picked a funky gray swirl for the outside and plain black for the lining:

I won't show you the photos I took of me wearing the hat, of my husband wearing the hat, of a squash wearing the hat...  The basketball was BY FAR the best model for the hat!

I love this hat pattern by Betz White.  I've made it before and will definitely make it again.  It's quick and easy and looks so different with each fabric change!

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Tish Stemple said...

Now I want to see the picture of the squash wearing the hat :) I love the fabrics you chose for this one. I bet your momma loved it.