Thursday, December 22, 2016

Unpacking and... Uh Oh!

It's official.  I'M HOME!!!  I know that I'm officially home because I just finished unpacking all of my suitcases and stored my carry-on bag.  I leave for Quilt Con exactly two months from today.  Two. Months.  TWO MONTHS!!!!

As I'm sorting through  my quilts, I found a big Uh-Oh!  At some point in my travels, many people enjoyed looking at this quilt:

 I will admit that it's one of my favorites.  What isn't my favorite, though, is realizing that someone was a little careless with an inkpen while looking at my quilt:

So... how do you remove pen ink from a pastel yellow quilt?  I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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Paula, the quilter said...

Oh man! That is too bad! Can you tell if it is ballpoint or gel? I know the old time removal of ballpoint is hairspray and lots of it along with blotting not rubbing.

The Lisa Marie said...

I agree with Paula - cheap hairspray or rubbing alcohol. You might have to wash the quilt afterward, though.

leemhaynes said...

Along the same lines: hand sanitizer and a q tip.

sara said...

soak with hairspray---the old fashioned kind--like aqua-net if you can find it. then blot gently with a white towel

Holly said...

Agree with above, but strongly recommend NO rubbing. I've had lots of experience with husband's shirts. The ink will spread if rubbed, and since it's a quilt, blotting from back would just spread to back. I'd be tempted to just leave it be, depending on quilts use. So sorry!