Friday, January 05, 2018

A Month of Birthdays!

Most of the people in my life are used to accepting IOUs in lieu of gifts or cards, trusting that I'll eventually make good on the note.  I'm a week into January, and I finally made the rest of my January birthday cards using the cupcake from my latest machine quilting tutorial.

Starring FabuLux Ocean Breeze:

Starring FabuLux Paradise:

Starring FabuLux Cabana:

Starring FabuLux Aquarium:

Starring FabuLux Springtime:

They look good enough to eat!


LadySchep said...

These look yummy! So neat.

Eileen said...

They're great! I need to get on your birthday list.

Pamela Arbour said...

I love it. Thanks for the variations. The different threads makes them all happy cakes!

Kerry said...

Ooh love Ocean Breeze! A lot of lovely birthday cakes indeed!