Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial -- Technical Difficulties

I filmed a great tutorial for you for today.  Sadly, I had technical difficulties* with my new microphone and there is no Tuesday tutorial this week.

I was able to piece together a behind-the-scenes look at the fun side of filming (with lousy audio from my secondary camera).

It's a good thing he's cute.  It's an even better thing that I had to scrap the entire video due to poor audio quality so this didn't matter at all.

Did you know that the audio and video in that clip are from different cameras and I edited them together without looking like a badly dubbed Godzilla movie?  Let's all take a second to be properly impressed.

I film in my dining room and have wires running to the sewing machine, cameras, lights, and who knows what else.  I may or may not trip over those wires when I stand up to stop the camera between takes.

My middle name is not Grace.

Since I work at home and all 24 hours of the day are mine, I film whenever I get a chance.  This next clip was filmed just before 11pm.

I'm so glad that Windows called me to let me know that there was a problem with my computer.  I gladly gave them my passwords so they could fix it.  ;-)

I'm off on a super-secret adventure today so I can't film a replacement tutorial for you.  Maybe I'll have a chance to film again later this week.  Re-watch all of my 2018 weekly tutorials while you wait!
*I plugged it in incorrectly 'cause I'm smart like that.

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Alice H said...

Thank you for sharing your "out takes". I'm sure you weren't smiling when they happened, but your willingness to share your frustrations somehow helps me feel better about my assorted aggravations. Misery loves company, I guess ;-)