Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Not Exactly Quilting, but...

Last week I re-started a (more than a) decade old handwork project to see if my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad fingers could handle it:

The good news is that they can!  The bad news is that this is a bedspread and I will have YEARS of evening handwork.

As I was looking for a long-term home for this project formerly housed in a large Ziploc bag, I thought I needed something tall and skinny to live between my sofa and the table.  I remembered that I received a cool new project case* as a Christmas gift:

It's stupidly cold in New York and I'm living in my basement in front of the woodstove, so my photographs are all dark.  My apologies.

I store my separated threads in the top zippered pockets, the scissors tied with a ribbon, and my Tulip embroidery needles* in an elastic all on the lid of this tote:

In the bottom of the tote, I have enough room for my embroidery hoop and current project:

These are 18-inch blocks.  I apparently covered the edges in masking tape in the last millennium.  Do they still make masking tape?  I only have blue painter's tape in the house now:

Under my current block, I have my one completed block:

Only 17 to go!

There is a mesh compartment to hold my embroidery floss and my pattern:

When I lift the mesh pocket, there's a room to store all of the eleventy million 16 unfinished squares:

I can't believe that someone bought me the perfect tote for this ridiculously old project, but I'm so glad they did.  This will be perfect at home and for light hotel room sewing.
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