Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A gifted quilt -- MaryAnn

I went on a quilt retreat in February at Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing Center .  We spent the whole weekend just sewing and eating and laughing and sewing and eating... Well, you get the idea.

I made this quilt top during the retreat:

I made it with my doctor-friend in mind.  My daughter fell. in. love with this quilt.  I am cold and heartless and denied my daughter.  My daughter thinks that I will make another one for her.  My daughter is mistaken.  This was very fussy to piece and I am not a fussy piecer.  I bought my 23-year-old daughter a sewing machine; I would be happy to give her the pattern and some fabric and let her make one for herself!  I would even quilt it for her!

A few months ago, I finally quilted my doctor-friend's quilt.  It is even prettier now:

I gave the quilt away yesterday and my doctor-friend loved it.

The end.


The Calico Cat said...

You are a horrible mommy, signed "I'm not a fussy piecer either."

Kim said...

The quilting is divine, what a transformation it made on that top!
Fantastic gift, I bet she was thrilled!

Happy Sewing