Friday, August 08, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 78

I had so much fun with my students at AAA Vacuum & Sewing in Lancaster, PA today!  Getting to work was a bit of a challenge, though.

I left my hotel room over 2 hours before I was due to teach.  I am pathologically early and today it paid off!

This is how my day started:

I had an angel helping me:

And then another joined in:

They got me fixed up and I drove very slowly to class.  I was only there about 30 minutes before the students.  I prefer to be earlier to have everything set up and perfect, but at least I got there!

The lovely folks at AAA Vacuum & Sewing took my car in to the tire shop while I was teaching.  Look at what the tire folks found in my tire:

Huge, right?

I know that I shouldn't be showing it because now everyone will want one in their tire too:

I'll start a trend!

I'm back at my hotel this evening.  I wrote glowing letters of recommendation for the hotel employees who helped me out this morning.

My hotel bed is super comfy, but I was most impressed with the shower:

I'm planning on a bathroom remodel at home and really liked the look of this shower door when I checked into the hotel.  Then it flooded the entire bathroom this morning when the door didn't seal, so maybe I won't go buy one exactly like this.

I'm back in bed, binding a quilt.  All in all, today averaged out to be pretty great!


Pepper Cory said...

Per the "everyone will want one too
"There was a young man from Peru
Who found a mouse in his stew.
Said the waiter, "Don't shout and
wave it about-the others will want one too!"
(apologies Edward Lear)

ytsmom said...

Looks like the shower door should be on the back half of the shower.