Thursday, March 05, 2015

Quilt Shows Rock My World!

While I was flying home from a quilt show in Washington on Monday, I received notification from another quilt show that I had been nominated for Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year for 2014.  Can I just say WOW?  There are so many amazing machine quilting teachers who have influenced the current generation of quilters and I am honored to be in their company.

Apparently there is a nomination/voting thing going on there, so if you haven't yet nominated/voted for your choice for Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year, you can do so HERE.

And that quilt show I mentioned last week?  It was fantastic!  I taught eight sold-out classes at Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA.  I am not sure that I've ever had a better bunch of students.  We had so much fun and they quilted their hearts out.  You can see how much fun Jamie had when she discovered that quilting was her super-power:

Australasian Quilting Convention is the next show with a classroom waiting for me. I am teaching four days of sold-out classes there.  If you ever get a chance to attend that show, it is ah-ma-zing.  They have massages for the students, morning and afternoon tea with real tea cups and saucers and waitstaff.  This will be my third year teaching there and I'm getting excited already!

For the full calendar of where I'll be teaching, check my online calendar.

I hope to meet you soon!

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LiahonaGirl said...

Congratulations! I just added another vote/nomination. Fingers are crossed for you.