Saturday, December 12, 2015

Deck the Halls ... or Something

I'm not a big decorator.  This includes my house, my table, and any gifts I might give.  I'm missing the "Oh, let's see how pretty I can make this" gene.  The only things I make pretty are quilts.  And babies.  I had very pretty babies.

Back to decorating.  This is as festive as I get:

I put my Christmas quilt and pillowcases on my bed.  This is a large, early version of my Share and Share Alike quilt pattern.  The published pattern is 44x44 and looks like this:

Can you see how the fabric makes all the difference?

Pre-Christmas check list:

1.  Deck halls -- check!
2.  Buy presents -- working on it
3.  Wrap presents -- never gonna happen


Margo said...

Hmmmm....awesome quilting makes a difference too!! :)

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