Friday, December 11, 2015

Little Wishes for You

Early this fall, Pat Sloan issued a Scrap Happy Little Wishes Challenge.  I finally finished it!

I pulled out brown scraps and cream scraps for these blocks.  I used a consistent black fabric throughout:

I wasn't sure how I was going to sash these blocks, but then I found this chocolate candies border fabric:

It had the same black and brown and cream that I used in my quilt, but it also had hot pink.  I had some hot pink in my stash, so I used it in the sashing.  The problem was that the hot pink was HOT!  It glowed on my quilt.  GLOWED!

I needed to lessen the contrast between the hot pink and the rest of the quilt, so I quilted everything in pink thread.  It neutralized my quilt.  I used In The Pinks, one of my new FabuLux threads from WonderFil:

This quilt is pieced, quilted, bound, and delivered to a friend.  I wante to give her a year's supply of hugs and this quilt is doing that job for me!

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Unknown said...

Absolutely love the little curlicues in the black triangles! (Not to mention the ribbon candy...!)