Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery -- week 5

Are you sitting down?  Brace yourselves, because I am completely caught up on Allietare!  It's amazing what strong antibiotics can do to improve one's quilting productivity.  I keep walking around saying, "Hey, I'm not coughing anymore!" and "Wow, is that oxygen in my blood?"  Yeah, I was sick and getting used to it.  How sad!

So here's my version of this week's homework:

I loved seeing everyone else's progress HERE.

Are you playing along?  I can't wait for this week's clue when I will, once again, be behind.  I'll have another great excuse though, because I fly out on Monday morning and my 42 days at home will come to an end.  I wish I hadn't been sick, but otherwise I had a fabulous time at home.

One of my largest projects for my time at home was "Clean and organize the sewing space."  I am not sure anyone can ever say they are done with that job, but I have made mountains of progress.  I have found countless UFOs, many of them Bonnie Hunter patterns.  I have shown Grand Illusion, Roll Roll Cotton Boll, Tobacco Road, and Lazy Sunday.  I now add to that list -- Cathedral Stars!

I started this quilt when Bonnie was teaching at a guild event and my friend took me to her workshop for my birthday present -- three and a half years ago.

So, I have six in-progress Bonnie Hunter quilts at the start of 2016.  How many of can I finish before the end of 2016?  How many more will I find buried in my sewing room?  How many more will I start?  

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Unknown said...

It's such a great feeling to be caught up, isn't it - albeit only momentarily. So proud of you!
Laura Sexton