Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Reason for my Madness

I have been cleaning my sewing room since Thanksgiving -- organizing, dusting, finishing quilts, getting rid of things -- all to get ready for yesterday.  Yesterday, I got new windows in my sewing room.  The old windows were broken and living in here was just like living outside:  cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and with plenty of seasonal bugs.

The window guys gave me instructions on preparing my room:  move everything away from the windows so that we can work.  Um......  I have shelving along all of the walls and under each window.  I have two longarm machines that have projects stacked under them.  Basically, everything in the sewing room was going to have to be moved.  To say I was panic-stricken by this news is an understatement.

To prepare, I pulled everything out from under each longarm, decided what to keep and what to donate, and neatly packed it back under the machine in plastic bins.  I could slide these bins around when I moved the machine without accidentally dumping out the contents and making a larger mess than I started with.

Yesterday morning, my husband and I moved the longarms and shelves away from the windows and the window guys successfully installed four new windows.  Hopefully they will keep the weather and bugs out so I can quilt more comfortably.

Today I am putting my sewing room back to rights and hope to further clean and organize during the rest of my month at home.

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