Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Finish: Serviettes

Due to my relationship with Hello Kitty, I'm very popular with the under-10 set.  Little girls love that they know an adult with a love for Hello Kitty that equals their own.

I was having a rough evening recently and decided that I would cheer myself by stitching with some Hello Kitty fabric:

It worked like a charm!
A family of special little girls will get to enjoy Hello Kitty while they dine.  They are part of a large family, so I figured a dozen Serviettes should do it:

Then I figured, "Hey, I like Hello Kitty, too!"  So I made four more, just for me:

I wrapped up the serviettes for the little girls with some Hello Kitty ribbon so they are ready to deliver at church this week:

Do you use cloth napkins?  Would you use Hello Kitty napkins, or is that too "out there?"


Betsy Schneekloth said...

I use cloth napkins every night.

Liz Abel said...

I would use them. Sorry you are having a difficult week.