Friday, July 14, 2017

Quilt Finish: Irresistible Placemats

Some types of quilts are simply irresistible.*

These placemats are exactly that:

These are leftover from my Irresistible Cutie Quilt:

It's a simple four-patch quilt, but the quilting makes it special:

Would you believe that this quilt pattern was inspired by a simple spool of thread?  Meet my FabuLux Be Cool:

I picked all of the fabrics to match this humble spool of thread, and am absolutely delighted with the quilt as well as the scrappy placemats.

Quilting is Irresistible.

*You are welcome for the earworm.


Are you following the Cutie Madness?  Each week readers will pick their favorite of my 16 Cutie Quilt Patterns.

This week's quilts are:

Jack's Star

Forever in Peace:

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