Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cutie Quilt: Squared Away

It's no secret that I love Cutie Quilts.  I eat, sleep, and dream fat eighths and spend most of my time devising new ways to cut and piece them together to design new Cutie Patterns.

Squared Away was my first published Cutie Pattern and I've made many different versions of this quilt.

I recently finished a low-volume version:

I quilted this exclusively with ribbon candy and only quilted the brown strips.  I used wool batting so that the unquilted areas would pop up and make this quilt dimensional.

I was teaching in Utah for 10 days and managed to finish binding a few quilts in my hotel room in the evenings.

Eleven years ago, I gave my son's future brother-in-law a quilt for his wedding.  In those eleven years, two things happened:

1.  They are officially in-laws
2.  The bride and groom loved their quilt to pieces (as reported by my son)

I always tell people to use their quilts and that I'll replace them if they wear out.  So, this quilt was a replacement wedding gift to a shocked and delighted bride.

This quilt couldn't have found a more perfect home!

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Crystal_235 said...

Love the quilt!