Thursday, July 13, 2017

MAIL CALL: The Letter "Q"

I recently visited Little Boy and we were discussing the quilt that I gave to Little Boy #2.

Grandma: "What do you call this?"
Little Boy:  "A blanket."
Grandma:  (wince) "Do you call it anything other than a blanket?  Like when you sleep under it?"
Little Boy:  "Covers."
Grandma:  (eye twitches furiously) "Little Boy, when Grandma makes you one of these filled with her love, it's called a Quilt!"
Little Boy:  "Well, Mommy calls them 'Covers' when you aren't here."
Grandma:  (instant migraine)

Once I recovered from the trauma, I decided that the next postcard that Little Boy needed was a Q:

Of course it had to be made with a patchwork quilt on it!

I pressed the seams open so that the fabric would fuse flatly to the Peltex.

I make a lot of quilts with bright colors.  When many bright colors are in the same quilt and I am going to quilt the quilt with only one thread color, I choose FabuLux Mellow Yellows 99% of the time.

It's one of my most-used thread colors for machine quilting.

Do you think Little Boy will learn to call them quilts now?  If not, what else can I do to convince him?  I'm not above bribery.


Are you following the Cutie Madness?  Each week readers will pick between two of my 16 Cutie Quilt Patterns.

This week's quilts are:

Jack's Star

Forever in Peace:

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Brenda Barry said...

I'm having fun with the alphabet post cards to my twin grandsons!! Can we vote more than once for the quilts?

Crystal_235 said...

I'm loving the postcards!