Saturday, July 22, 2017

On The Road: Anna's Sewing Center

Last weekend I had the fabulous opportunity to teach at Anna's Sewing Center in Fairview Park, Ohio.  The shop was fantastic, the staff was wonderful, and the students were SO FUN!!!

Here's a quick story to prove my last point.  Some of you know that I'm hard of hearing and wear hearing aids.  I am pretty good at guessing what people are saying, but sometimes...

I held up a quilt that had TONS of ribbon candy on it.  One of the students, Claudia, said "That looks hideous but pretty."

That is a re-enactment of my face when I heard her call my beloved Sweet Tooth quilt "Hideous."  Well... She actually said that the quilting looked TEDIOUS but pretty.  The room roared with laughter.  And the laughter continued throughout the weekend.

Did I mention the owner, Rosanne?  She runs a great shop and also knows how to treat her teachers well.  Proving my point:

That was every bit as yummy as it looked.

Please check out Anna's Sewing Center when you are even close to Cleveland, OH.  I promise that it's worth the trip!

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Doreen Auger said...

I totally "get" that hearing thing and it is getting more prevalent with the aging of many (of us!). Yes, your expression is classic!!!!!