Thursday, April 18, 2019

Great Idea!

I recently finished this Squared Away Cutie Quilt:

It's ribbon candy perfection and I just had to take a photo of it while it was on my lap.

My niece described it as "woodsy/earthy" so I got a great idea.

"Why don't I go outside in the back of the property on a really windy day while there is wet mud under the leaves and try to take photo?"

Great idea, Deb.  Really.

So I nearly killed myself climbing up to this rock.

It's not far but it's steep, well over a 45* climb.  The rock is about as tall as I am and I thought I'd drape the quilt over it for a photo.

Well...… the top of the rock is at an angle and the quilt kept slipping down.  I had to keep dropping my camera to catch the quilt before it hit the mud under the rock.  Approximately 134 times.

So I decided to drape the quilt in the tree next to the rock.

After 97 tries on 72 branches with the wind blowing the quilt down 100% of the time, this is the photo you get:

Yes, there's a shadow on the bottom because of the WIND WARNINGS.

Next time I'm bringing duck tape, a stapler, and weights to help hold the quilt for the photo.  Without those...

This is as good as it gets, folks.

And now you know how far I'll go for a quilt photo.  All the way to the back yard.  To twist my ankles, get muddy, say some colorful words, and entertain the neighbors.


Lisa Marie said...

Ha Ha, what a funny story! I once took quilt photos on a pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati and was so worried that the quilt would blow into the water and be lost! The people walking by surely thought I was a crazy person. And then there was the time when my husband and I were on a road trip and saw a beautiful blooming tree to use in a quilt photo. Somehow my husband convinced some random stranger to climb up in the tree and hold the quilt! He didn't consider how the person in the tree would detract from the picture. So I didn't get a good photo, but got a pretty good story.

Betsy Schneekloth said...

I think the picture you finally got it perfect! The colors and background are so complimentary. Great story, though. I can just visualize the experience. And that ribbon candy!!!!!!!

Pamela Arbour said...

Just in case it makes you feel better, the wind is always blowing when I want to take a pic of my quilts outside! ALWAYS! You did have a good idea and while the picture probably isn't what you hoped for, it looks very nice and "woodsy"!

Barb said...

Be thankful you didn't meet one of your local reptiles hanging around those rocks. That's their terrain and I'm sure they'd love to snuggle up in a pretty quilt.