Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The "Other" Side of History

As I've mentioned many times, I'm a self-led student of WWII history.

My most recent read was Panzer Commander by Hans von Luck.  I've watched Das Boot and other movies from the opposing side of the war, but this was a completely different view of history for me.  Hans von Luck was a decorated tank commander, Russian prisoner of war, and after his release a good friend of many of his Allied opposing commanders.

Much of my WWII learning is done whilst quilting and driving because of audiobooks.  I make good use of my library's books on CD and my Audible account.

Bronson Pinchot read this book with a fab-u-lous German accent.  Do you remember Bronson Pinchot as the wacky Balki from Perfect Strangers?

Bronson Pinchot has 328 entries on Audible, so apparently he has quite a career in audiobooks.

A good narrator/reader can make a book come alive, and Mr. Pinchot has this talent.  He's joined Dylan Baker, Jim Dale, Davina Porter, and Patrick Lawlor on my list of favorite readers/narrators.

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