Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Race story #2: I know my Momma loves me.

How do I know?

'Cuz she was a wonderful support as I was completely anxiety-ridden about running my 5K.

'Cuz she called to check on me and told me I did a great job.

'Cuz she printed out this picture:


And to everyone who told me how great I look now that I've lost some weight -- YOU LIE!!! Do you think there's any ink left in Dad's printer after he printed the photo of my gi-normous butt?

The good news is that there may be another photo of me running (front view, please, Lord!). If I get a copy, the butt picture is SO GONE!!!


April said...

Congrats on finishing you race! Way to go! I joined the track team in middle school becuase I wanted to get in shape, yet detested running--wasn't the best decision for me. I got quite sick and then never returned to practice, so I guess that makes me a "track team drop-out." Not that I was much of an asset to the team--LOL!

This is April from MIH. It appears you are in NY--upstate? My DH has family in Rochester, Albany, and GLoversville. Curious as to how close you are to them.... We were up there in July visiting. Blessings tp you and yours.

Misc. Muse said...

Hurray for you! I would worry about your behind. You did great, some would not have attempted the race. I wish I'd stayed active all my life but I have not. I am very out of shape. Linda handmedownrose.blogspot.com