Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gimme an R!

Gimme an I!
Gimme an S!
Gimme an O!
Gimme a T!
Gimme another T!
Gimme an O!

What's it spell? Risotto.

I would love to confess to a lifelong love affair with risotto, but sadly I cannot. I grew up in a culinary wasteland. Dinner was either meat cooked to shoe leather or a casserole with Campbell's soup, Velveeta cheese, and potato chips on top. Cheese came in a green can. It's ok if you tell my mom I said this -- she and I have discussed it many times.

I never learned to cook when living at home. None of this food tasted good, so why bother? When I got married and had kids, I had to learn to cook. I became a fairly adventurous cook. I always try new recipes. What's the worst that can happen?

I've eaten risotto in restaurants a few times and really like it. I've tried making it a few times and found out the worst that could happen -- it was awful.

Then I found this book*. I made artichoke risotto and it was easy and delicious. My children, who have never tasted risotto (because I always threw my feeble attempts away), adored it.

Since my son is moving into his own apartment and going to have to cook, I tested a simpler version that he can make himself. Put some olive oil in the pan and saute some garlic and onion. Add the rice and cook until translucent. Stir in some broth and cook until it's absorbed. Put the rice into a 5-qt slow cooker and add broth (vegetable broth for my vegetarian daughter) and cook on high for 2 hours, stirring once or twice. Before serving, stir in unsalted butter and pecorino-romano cheese. YUM!

The real amounts:
1-2 T olive oil
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 onion, chopped
2 cups arborio rice
1 cup vegetable broth
6 more cups vegetable broth
2 T butter
1/3 cup cheese

When you put this in the slow cooker, you can clean out the fridge and put in peas, mushrooms, or whatever else is lurking in there.


*I've also made Midas Feast. I plan to try several more recipes since the book's already scored 2 out of 2.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Risotto is a weekly favourite around here...and like you I didn't eat interesting food until I was an adult cooking in my own fact I'd go as far as saying I didn't really learn to cook til I moved to the UK.
Just so happens we had artichoke risotto last night and I fry up a little chorizo (Spanish sausage) and add it at the end...yummy!

Carolyn said...

I made a simple risotto last night with chicken broth, rosemary and was delicious. Reading your post made me realize I forgot to add the cheese! It's one of my favorite comfort foods and I never made it until about 2 years ago. It's delicious!

The Calico Cat said...

I love risotto.... But it is too hot for it now.

BTW My mom could ruin a freezer pizza - she had to add bologna to it...

Oh & she added toast cubes to mac & cheese...

I still cringe when I think of all of the crap that I ate as a kid.

Oh & I have told this story far too many times, but when I was growing up there were 3 kinds of pears, a pair of something, a paring knife, & the kind that comes in a can.

Finn said...

Hi Debby, wanted to pop over and thank you for leaving a comment at the orphan train *VBS*
It's not so much that I want to quit doing 'that' blog, as I am uncertain if it has a purpose or not. I'd like to think so. I suppose we hate finding out that what we love doesn't appeal to others.
Anyway, thank you. It's wonderful to hear you find interest there, I really appreciate it!
You've got a great blog going here, and what met JUDY L??? and AMY...too cool!!! You definitely travel in the right places I think.
Love the tablerunner from the chocolate fabric...I've not see that and it's sooo cute! Keep up the good work. Hugs, Finn

sara said...

Okay, GB is traveling all this week, so I am going to try this recipe!!

Thanks for sharing. Will let you know how it turns out.