Monday, January 07, 2008

Hey Good Lookin'....

What's cookin'?

Saturday's dinner was spicy fried tofu with sesame dipping sauce and vegetarian lo mein. Yum! Mr. Man deserved some cow after that meal.

Last night's dinner was pot roast. It's never been a favorite of mine and I've never claimed to be an accomplished beef chef. This meal was quite bleh. Edible, but bleh.

The fun part was the leftovers. All the potatoes, carrots, gravy and some meat went into the freezer for a future beef stew. A chunk'o'beef went into the freezer for future BBQ sandwiches. The rest of the beef went into the fridge for some beef stroganoff later in the week (we have some lonely mushrooms).

Hopefully each of these meals will be less bleh than the original. Hopefully, I'll get to quilt during my "would have been cooking" time on the nights these easy-to-prepare meals are served.

I managed to cook all these meals without further injuring myself. I am proud.

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Eileen said...

How do you make the stroganoff? Mine is bleh! so I'm always on the lookout for better ones.