Saturday, April 12, 2008

Internal Conflict

Whereas there are areas of my life that need greening, I'm fairly conscious of my carbon footprint. My preferred recreation is hiking in my neighborhood (living along the Appalachian Trail is helpful). We eat fairly low on the food chain and we produce very little waste. We drive very small fuel-efficient cars, and that presents today's dilemma:

I have a large quantity of stuff to transport for my job this week and it won't fit in my little baby car. Am I no longer green if I lust after a large SUV?

It's now time to bore you with hiking photos. It's spring, but not very green yet.

Photo of my happy place (75 minute hike from home):

Photo of a different happy place (20 minute hike from home):

I am so incredibly blessed to live here.


Anonymous said...
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Debby Brown said...

The above comment was spam that linked to a potentially unsafe site, in case inquring minds want to know.