Monday, May 05, 2008

Q: When is it OK to look down on your husband?

A: When you hike above his workplace!

Also, the trail today was RIDICULOUSLY crowded. OK, so not Rockefeller Center at Christmas crowded, but quite crowded for the woods. I was out for 2 hours and met:

1. the same 50ish hiker dude as the other day
2. 2 really loud Fran Drescher wannabes who were behind me on the trail cackling loudly until I sat down and let them pass so I could unclench my teeth
3. a woman with 2 gorgeous and energetic black labs
4. a family -- mom with baby in a sling, dad who screamed a lot with a voice that carried for miles, and 3 rambunctious little boys
5. the woman with her 2 dogs again
6. the same 50ish hiker dude again
So basically, my time alone in the woods was spent listening to other people's loud conversations.
My relaxing hike was anything but relaxing. I think I got as upset as I did because I consider the trail to be holy ground. Listening to them all felt like someone swearing in church.
I met someone else on the trail today, and he didn't bother me one little bit:
Update: I showed this photo to the family and we got into a long discussion of frog versus toad. After some research, this is definitely a toad.
Update, part deux: To answer the emails that I know are coming, yes, I do actually have a job. I work weekends so I get to pick which day of the week to take off. I usually choose the ones that are sunny.

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