Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Death to the Platypus!!!

Once upon a time, there was a platypus:

The platypus met my neice (dog), Mallory:

Mallory likes to take the squeakers out of the platypus:

She walks around, squeaking randomly:

Then the platypus died:

The end.

Mallory came to Ohio for my son's graduation. All the photos were taken at grandma's house. If you look carefully, you'll see Tiger Wood's golf on the television. It's what the men-folk play when they get together.

I suffered for these photos. I took a lot of photos of where Mallory used to be. I took a lot of blurry photos. I laid down on the ground and have some extreme close-up photos and photos of Mallory's tongue as she licked my camera. Mallory thought my ponytail was a chew toy, too.

I travel too much to own a dog, but if Mallory ever goes missing, don't tell my brother-in-law that she's at my house, ok?

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Unknown said...

We have a black lab that thinks his job is to take out the stuffing and squeaky out of every toy he owns! Mallory is adorable!