Thursday, October 15, 2009

What do you make of this?

I recently had the worst Scrabble tiles ever:

As these were the last tiles availble, I couldn't pull off an eleventh hour comeback for a win. Just a game? I think not.


Linda said...

I KILL for those tiles--but not the last set in the game!!! Are you on Facebook? Do you want to play scrabble? I'm Linda Stolee and I'm on facebook and love WordScraper!!
Lurking Linda

Bonnie said...

Not good by themselves but really good if you had vowels to go with them! I play WordScraper on Facebook every once and a while too. (WordScraper is a take off of Scrabble ...) I am also getting into other more addicting games and it is eating into my quilting time.

Glad you are back on the blog circuit.