Thursday, February 18, 2010


A dear friend of mine has eight children. Yes, I said eight. Laundry is a huge issue for her family of ten and this woman irons all of those clothes. I am every bit as shocked as you are! I did not know that irons worked on clothing; I thought they were only meant for use on quilts. I guess you learn something new every day, right?

It seems that every year or so my iron and I begin to have a disagreement. Usually the disagreement starts with my iron yelling, "My water reservoir has cracked because you dropped me on the hard floor one too many times so now I am going to squirt water everywhere." I'll usually shout back, "Dang! It's time to buy a new iron. Again." The current disagreement is somewhat different. For the past few weeks we've been playing the "If you want me to work, you have to jiggle the cord" game, progressing to the "You now have to jiggle the cord and wrap it around the handle twice and maybe I'll work" game, ending with the "I am going to pretend to work, but as soon as you pick me up I am going to flash an error message at you" game. Yes, really. An error message on my iron. C'mon Black & Decker, it's an iron for Pete's sake.

I was recently homebound for two weeks with whatever plague my teacher-son brought home this month and I could not get to the store. My husband tried to buy me an iron (I know, sweet, right? He must have been really tired of hearing me complain because trust me, I complained about this stupid iron), but he left the store in confusion. The first time I mustered enough energy to drive a car, I went to the WalMart* to look for an iron. I have spent well into four-figures on irons and the game is the same for me whether it's a $30 iron or a $200 iron. With a child in college I am choosing the $30 irons, hence the trip to the WalMart. I looked over each iron trying to make a decision, but my energy was quickly waning. In desperation I grabbed the cheapest iron that they had, under $7 I believe, and hoped that it would buy me a week or two until I was well enough to shop for a proper iron.

Today was new iron's maiden voyage and it's not bad! It is a little drippy, but the water is clear. I wonder how long it will be before this iron and I will start to have our disagreement. I will keep you posted.
*yes Kim, where I come from it's the WalMart


Linda said...

I have to laugh at the iron problems! I ALWAYS go to Wal Mart for my irons--even in Canada. As you have discovered a really expensive iron lasts just as long as a cheap one! I only pay about $16.00 Canadian for my good old Black and Decker light and easy. I even bought two last time--just in case B&D decides to discontinue! It's been at least two years and the first one hasn't worn out yet!
Lurking Linda

Cathy said...

Ahh, the iron. A necessary, but evil thing. Mine has stubbornly refused to steam for about 3 years. It won't spray either. It doesn't drip or leak iron juice out the sole plate, and is holding the temp just fine. We currently have an uneasy truce. If it continues to maintain itself at this level I am willing to use a spray bottle to create the steaming effect.
It is a Sunbeam, & I think I have had this iron for 8 years or more. I haven't bought one since I've been married. I can't remember if it was a wedding gift, or a Christmas present from the parents two years before, when my sister & I moved out.
I have been looking for a new one, but, like Linda, I am afraid the company may have discontinued it!

Good luck on finding the perfect iron!

Diane said...

I just got a new iron yesterday, what a difference. I'm just wondering how long the old one has been dying (not holding the temp.) and I just didn't realize.
We're in our honeymoon phase... sigh.

The Calico Cat said...

I have to break it to you, you friend lied.
Irons do not work on clothes.
If they did she would not have the time to iron 10 peoples worth of clothes.
I've done all right with my cheapie irons. (I use a spray bottle instead of thinking that I can rely on the steam or worrying about spitting.)