Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Always Believe

If you haven't yet purchased a copy of Mark Lipinski's Fabric Trends, run out and do so immediately. My friends at the Quilt Basket designed a quilt for that issue. It is GORGEOUS! It is so hard quilting for publication because I fell in love with this quilt months ago and have not been able to tell you about it... until now.

The Quilt Basket not only designed the quilt and wrote the pattern, but they put a tutorial on their blog of how to piece the block. In that same spirit, I filmed a video of how I quilted the block.

First, the details:

I used Konfetti from WonderFil, color TU 37 shell. It is a gorgeous variegated thread of subtle pinks and creams.

I used a size 16 needle.

Now, the video:

Next week I will show how I quilted the feathered scalloped border. Be sure to check back!


Fiona @ Forty said...

Fantastic job Debbie, and a beautiful block.

Carolyn said...

I really enjoyed watching you quilting.

kaysee said...

beautiful, Debby! Love your videos!..Kathy N

Petit Design Co. said...

just found your blog. I love the quilting you did on that block. Can you tell me what those circle templates you used were?