Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For Kathy N.

At quilt guild tonight, Kathy N. was bugging me about not updating my blog enough so I promised I would post JUST FOR HER. Everyone who isn't named Kathy N., stop reading now!


On Sunday I flew from Portland, OR to Pittsburgh, PA to visit my family. I took my mom to the zoo on Monday and then had some serious binding to finish before I could drive home on Tuesday morning.

My sister's birthday was in May, so I made her the bottom tablerunner (the same one I made for my mom for Mother's Day). Yes, it is late.

My mom's anniversary was in June, so I made her the top tablerunner.

I finished binding them both in time to drive home on Tuesday morning. I was relieved.

I hope you liked your blog post.


1 comment:

kaysee said...

I love this blog post!! Your tablerunners are simply beautiful!
I hope you are getting a little rest before you start your travels again..please post sometime so we all know how you are doing:)
Love you!
Kathy N