Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh Baby!

I made a mistake. A serious mistake. I composed a list of gift quilts that I intended to give that I have not yet finished. Let us just say that it is a very long list. Apparently I know a lot of people who had babies.

I am in a hotel this week and have some time to sew in the evening. I overpacked terribly, but one of the projects I brought was a 8 year old bag of quilt blocks. I sashed them, sewed them into rows, and added borders.

This will make a nice baby quilt for someone. When I go to Patchwork Plus tomorrow, I will buy a backing for this. It will be completely ready to quilt when I get home.

One step closer to crossing a quilt from my gift quilt list!


grendelskin said...

Do you ever sleep?!? You've been very productive during your recent hotel stays! Say, I wonder if any hotels have longarms for rent among their amenities? Sounds like a real draw to me, it'd probably get more use than the gym!

Terri said...

Love your hotel quilt.

Bonnie said...

Welcome to Virginia... good to see you have brought stuff to do and are actually getting things done. Good luck with the teaching.. and isn't Patchwork plus a great quilt shop?