Monday, February 13, 2012

My sweet Sweet Sixteen

I declared Sunday a work-free day. That is rare for me.

What did I do on my day of non-work? I quilted, of course.

I found an old applique block made from the leftovers of my Hidden Star Sampler:

I showed this quilt when I appeared on Quilt It! Did you see that episode? I had so much fun filming with them and I love how the show turned out. They made me sound much smarter than I really am!

Back to my Sunday sewing: I pieced the appliqued block into a small quilt (approx. 20"x 20"). I layered it with cotton batting and wool batting. I went to my lovely Sweet Sixteen and fitted it with a super-fine needle to accommodate my 100-weight thread.

I did a little bit of this:

and a little bit of that:

Question: do those gloves make my hands look fat?
Answer: I do not really mind if they do since I would not quilt without them.

I did not finish the quilt, but here is the progress so far:

Can today be a non-work day, too, so I can keep working on this little quilt?

'fraid not.


Sue Daurio said...

I will definitely go take a look at that Quilt it episode, that is a beautiful sampler quilt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilting on your applique so far, just beautiful.

Eileen said...

Deb, your quilting is awesome as always! Do you prefer the Sweet 16 over the longarm?
What are you "not playing" with today?

Kim said...

Yummy yummy quilting...beautiful!
Love the colors!

Happy Sewing

Leeanne said...

I am looking forward to seeing more, this looks lovely.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Funny, first I didn't see it was your post (I'm using Google reader), but I was guessing. Such beautiful quilting again, Debby! I love the quilt itself too, with all the stars. I'm practicing :) Oh, and did I mention I saw You on Quilt it!?