Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is this bad?

Send in recommendations for a new iron please.


Sharon said...

Ouch! Yes, I think that's bad. I love my Rowenta Autosteam. In fact, I have 2, one for the laundry room on the first floor & a second for my sewing room upstairs. It steams really well & has an auto turn off, which is a necessity for me. Have fun choosing a new iron.

Unknown said...

Yes, that is bad...looks like my puppy Edgar got to it...what happened?
I use nothing but Rowenta. I have a Rowenta Professional in the house for regular ironing and a Rowenta Stemium (I think that's what it's called) for the studio, as I'm definitely a steam girl.

Leeanne said...

Oh dear!
Check out my post on my new iron.

Sue said...

hey sorry about your iron, I have one of those, have it up at our cabin, yes this is bad, boy never saw that coming. I have a black and decker here at home, love it had it for 25+ yrs, oh I really don't iron that much but since I quilt I sure do iron :)

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Whatever you do, don't waste your money on a Rowenta. The last 3 I've had have leaked and stained fabric. I bought a cheapo from Walmart (can't remember what brand but under $20) and it works like a charm and steams like an engine.

Lynn said...

I love, love, love my Reliable Velocity. It is a heavier iron but with the steam generator built into the iron it is never supposed to leak. I wrote about it on my blog "Nebraska Views" on 10-15-2010. I had gone through so many irons, cheap to expensive Rowentas and they all started leaking or quit working after a while. This one gets hot for pressing cotton quilt fabrics and steams like crazy if you want it to. I bought it on the recommendation of Judy Laquidara of "Patchwork Times" blog.