Thursday, April 25, 2013

Culture Shock

I am working in Australia this month.  I have been here before and survived the "Vegemite Initiation."    My friend and colleague, Brenda, is working here for the first time.  It was my responsibility to introduce her to Vegemite.

I presented her with Vegemite and toast at breakfast this morning.  She did not look very excited:

 She tentatively took a VERY small bite:

She thought it was DELICIOUS!!!

OK, maybe not.

She thought that her husband, Randy, needed to eat some Vegemite, too.

He was enthusiastic and took a big bite:

Does he like it?

Still deciding...

I think the Anderson breakfast table will remain free of Vegemite indefinitely.


Susan Jungerheld said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience! thanks for sharing your trip.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Ha, ha, you gave me a little chuckle. My daughter has been to Australia twice in the last two years. And guess what she brought home? Yep Vegemite!! She loves it!!

Kim said...

it is nasty!
Safe travels

Victoria said...

Maybe you should of taken them to Macca's instead for breakkie.
One of your Aussie students

debby said...

I'm not sure if it's time for Brekky or Tea or Lunch or Tea or ...?

I last ate at 3:30 am when my tummy screamed "Dinner time!" I slept until noon. It's 3:30 pm in NY, but 5:30am in Melbourne. Time for brekky? or afternoon tea?

BlackBettyBlocks said...

Vegemite is great! Love it on toast, especially home made. My daughters been to the land down under. I have not. But we liked the treats she brought home. Lol. It's also good in stews and gravy.