Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 81

I had a great day at Sew Inspired in Simsbury, CT today!!!

As I drove away after class, I realized that I never took a shop photo today.  What's a quilt blogger to do?  I turned my car around to at least get a photo of their shop sign:

I picked up some dinner.  The restaurant forgot to give me a spoon for my soup, but at least they gave me a fork for this:

My hotel continues to be eye candy.  Future quilt alert:

So far, the hotel has been quiet.  The wedding party from last night is partying downstairs at the wedding.  I hope they stay downstairs until 6am!  Their partying last night had me groggy when I woke up this morning.  I grabbed my shampoo and facewash and headed into the shower.  I washed my hair without incident but I had trouble with the lid on my facewash.  I'm glad I didn't get any facewash out of the tube and onto my face, because it was my tube of TOOTHPASTE!  That would have stung!

I'm hoping for a nice rest tonight and a toothpaste-free shower in the morning!

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