Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- night 138

I had a harrowing day today and was relieved to make it back to my hotel room, misplaced kitchen tile and all.

Today was apparently "Debby gets attacked by animals" day.

It started with a Capuchin Monkey:

Cindy had a death grip on my hair.

A couple of camels got in on the action:

I was next attacked by a vicious, 4-month old ant-eater:

I think she was part vampire.

Two baby pigs tried to root me to death:

I narrowly escaped.

When a huge, dangerous alligator attacked, I was paralyzed with fear:

Like I said -- HUGE!

I stared down the owl:

and he left me alone.

I kept my distance from the porcupines:

I've been poked by thousands of needles over the years, but 1,000 all at once didn't sound like much fun.

We fled this dangerous place and went to another, hoping for peace and safety.

When we parked our car and saw this box of tarps:

and read the warnings about vultures destroying your car (windshield wipers, rubber seals on windows, etc.), I was very afraid, but we decided to leave the car parked in that vulture-infested area anyway.

As soon as we got back to the parking lot, hubby inspected the rental car and declared free of vulture-induced damage:

Phew!  Close one!

I am once again safe in my crazy-making hotel room where I hope to sleep free from any more animal attacks!

(Do you think an animal could attack the kitchenette and destroy the misplaced kitchen tile?  I think it would be easier to look at a hole than a turn-sideways block in the backsplash.)


MaryMarzetta said...

LOL, great story and yes, that tile would drive me nuts too! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

You are one crazy risk taker!!!

Kate said...

Debbie, It looks like you have had a wonderfully happy day!

Kim said...

YICKS! Not me. I don't trust animals :0(.
Looks like you were having a ball though.

Safe travels, watch out for vultures...funny you should mention that, there was one on the beach yesterday eating
a baby shark that washed up. YUCKY....

Happy Sewing