Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday in Three Photos

Leaving my house for the airport at 3am:

I don't love driving in the snow, but I do love the Star Wars effect that the snow makes.  Fortunately, I followed a snow plow/salt truck or three to the airport and made it there with only minor sliding on the secondary roads.  Even more fortunately, the flight took off!

Waiting for de-icing in Detroit:

This put us about 90 minutes behind, but I actually prefer my planes neat (without ice).  They seem to work better that way.


There's a shocking lack of snow here in Phoenix, but I'll try to muddle through.  The 85*F temps are gonna be tough to take as well, but I'll try to endure.

I can't wait to meet the quilters at AQS Quilt Week in Phoenix tomorrow!

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