Monday, June 13, 2016

Home Sweet Home!

Last week I had the honor to teach at Handi Quilter Academy.  My Sweet Sixteen students played me my favorite song:

Music to my ears!

A student blogged about my More or Less Quilts lecture HERE.

I posted a bunch of fun photos on InstaGram (@debbybrownquilts).

If you have never been to Handi Quilter Academy, put it on your "must do" list!  I'm already dreaming and scheming of the new classes I want to teach there next year.  Will I see you in Utah June 22-24, 2017?

Some of you may know that I tend to have a higher than average number of travel horror adventures.  I've been stuck during hurricanes and blizzards and the Polar Vortex.  I've had luggage lost and luggage memorably destroyed.

Traveling home from Salt Lake City yesterday, however, I had a new-for-me travel adventure:  Emergency Vehicles.  Many times, my plane has been met by an ambulance to care for a passenger who became ill during flight.  This was different.

My flight took off from Detroit and headed to New York.  Once we reached altitude, the pilot informed us that there was a mechanical problem and we'd have to turn back to Detroit and should expect to land in seven minutes.  A few minutes later the pilot announced that we would not, in fact, be landing shortly; instead we would fly around for a while to burn off our fuel.  When we had used enough fuel to attempt to land, we landed on a runway lined by emergency vehicles.

It was odd seeing all of the emergency vehicles in place for a plane that I was on and I think I'm glad that I didn't hear all of the conversations between the pilots nor their communications with the airport.  Less information is definitely more.  The pilots, flight attendant, emergency crew, airline, and airport all worked together well.  We landed safely, were promptly boarded on a replacement plane, and I was home less than 3 hours late!

I succumbed to my travel exhaustion when I finally got home but am hard at work this week on top-secret quilting projects.  I will be quiet this week, but expect a fun announcement next week!

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