Monday, August 22, 2016

Sweet Tooth placemats (machine quilting video)

In last week's FaceBook Live video (Debby Brown Quilts), I asked if you wanted me to film a tutorial on how I quilted some scrappy placemats.  The answer was "Yes!" but perhaps I should have asked if anyone could guarantee that I had electricity?  It's been a rough summer in my forest with trees falling on wires weekly, but (fingers crossed) I have power and can upload the video now.

These placemats are going to live with Mom:

They were made using a variation of my Sweet Tooth Cutie pattern from leftover bits from this incredibly sweet baby quilt:

Read the full details about this baby quilt HERE.

I pulled in some golden yellow fabric as a background fabric.  I think it looks great against the floral print:

I quilted the golden background fabric using Midas Touch, one of my FabuLux threads from WonderFil.  Surprising no one, I used a lot of Ribbon Candy.  A Lot.

If the tress keep standing and the electricity stays on, I hope to have more videos for you shortly.  Happy quilting!


Ninawitt1 said...

Very nice quilting. I love it.

lambz8bloggie said...

So if you stitch in the ditch to the next point, how does it look on the backside when it's finished?

Tea Roberson said...

Nicely done

Tea Roberson said...

Nicely done