Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Blueberry of Happiness

Yesterday I showed a quilt that I quilted with my FabuLux Neon Blueberry thread.  Many of my students look at a neon thread and get scared that it will make their quilting show up A LOT!

I personally love when my quilting shows up a lot, but bright threads can blend if used on the right fabrics.  "But I don't make bright quilts!" you might counter.  Consider this quilt:

It is not bright but it is busy, Busy, BUSY.  OK, it's a little bright, but only the border and binding.   You can't see the Blueberry FabuLux in a photo taken six feet away.

Take a closer look:

That is Blueberry FabuLux (with one line of blue marker that I haven't yet removed).

My backing is a white fabric with a fine black print on it.  I didn't use this bright thread in my bobbin.  I used gray DecoBob instead.  The gray blended with the Blueberry and also made a great stitch on the back.  The bobbin lasts longer with a finer thread and this quilt took less than two size-15 bobbins (home sewing machine size).

Do you have any bright threads that are too scary to use?  Check your stash to see if you have any fabric (or complete tops!) that might carry that thread well!


KathyD said...

I love quilting with Neon Lime Green. I know when you look at the spool it's scary but it really doesn't take over your quilt. I like the blue you used in this quilt and don't think it over powers your quilt at all. We need to be brave and use all of the colors!
Kathy DeStadio

Pamela Arbour said...

As a general rule, I don't like blue, but I like how you used it in this quilt and the thread was a perfect combination!