Thursday, December 07, 2017

Deck the Halls Postcard Tutorial

I'm decking the halls.  Well, not my ACTUAL halls, but the halls of my Christmas postcards.

Let's all pause a moment to enjoy the insane sweetness of this card, shall me?  


OK, so here's how it all started.  I keep a bag full of 1 1/2" squares of fabric (of course I do!) and I decided to use them to make Christmas tree ornaments.

I picked out some fun fabrics (cough*Hello Kitty*cough) and fused them to some Steam a Seam 2*:

I traced around coins to make the small circles:

Steam a Seam 2 is tacky on the back so I could stick the ornaments to the fabric without using an iron.  Then I drew lines for the ornament hangers.

I grabbed my FabuLux Mellow Yellows thread and stitched a 3.5mm zigzag stitch over each line.  I peeled back the ornaments so the zigzag ended behind each ornament and then stuck the ornaments back in place.

After I stitched each of the hangers, I stitched a 2.5mm blanket stitch around the edge of each ornament.  My HQ Stitch 710 machine is always up for the task!

I thought that this was cute, but not nearly cute enough.  So I added bows.  Because if bows are good enough for Hello Kitty, they are good enough for me!  I threaded a big needed with 12 weight thread and took one big stitch at the top of each ornament.  Then I fumbled through tying the bows with these clumsy fingers of mine.

Then I tore apart my sewing room looking for Fray-Check*.  Then I tore apart my remote quilting supply storage roomd ining room looking for Fray-Check.  Then I tore apart my sewing room another three times.

An hour later, I dropped a dab of Fray-Check on the knot of each bow so that they wouldn't come untied and waited for them to dry.  I covered the postcard with a pressing sheet and pressed it.  Still using the pressing sheet, I fused the postcard to Peltex and postcard backing and trimmed with my Postcard Trimming Tool.

I stitched a 5mm satin stitch around the edge of the postcard.

And then I stared and petted this postcard because of all of the adorableness.

I need to make a bunch more of these, but I might just have to stick this one in an envelope and mail it back to myself!
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LadySchep said...

Bahahaha! Remote quilting supply it. Cute postcard!

Crystal_235 said...

Cute postcard!

Pamela Arbour said...

So cute. I was wondering what your next postcard creation would be!

Kerry said...

LOL @ Kitty - purrfect combination of bauble decorations. :D

Diana Longhenry said...

What is the final size of your post card Debby?

Diana Longhenry. ��