Monday, January 01, 2018

New Bullet Journal for the New Year

Happy New Year!

I'm an organizing geek, so January 1 means that I am over-the-moon excited for a NEW BULLET JOURNAL!!!

What is a Bullet Journal, you ask?  Let's take a peek inside of mine:

I am giddy -- GIDDY, I tell you -- because I get to start writing in my new Miquelrius journal* today.

The book Dot Journaling* has a lot of ideas about how to set up your journal.  It focuses on the "diary" aspect of the journal in addition to the calendar, lists, and quilts that I talked about.

If you have 27 years to spare, search Pinterest for Bullet Journal ideas.  Some people go totally "arty" with their journals.  I will eventually add some color to mine, but it will NEVER be as beautiful as the ones I see on Pinterest.  Mine is completely functional, and that is good enough for me.

Do you have a new calendar/bullet journal for this year?

Please recommend some pens that these arthritic hands can use and love!
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Crystal_235 said...

I like this idea. Not sure if I would be able to keep at it.

Pamela Arbour said...

Thanks for sharing. You have that very well organized. I did my own last year but thought I would try the quilter's planner this year. I really do like bullet journaling and I like yours. Maybe I will do my own again next year. Yeah, mine won't ever look like those fancy ones on Pinterest either. I don't have that kind of time! LOL I save my extra time for quilting.

Kerry said...

Oh gosh! Such fine detail - which is understandable given your career - you need to know at your fingertips. Paper is so much nicer than relying on the computer/phone etc. I think I'd love to try, but I would only get a couple of months in and stop - if I'm lucky! Although I think it's getting to the stage when I need to put things down as a reminder - I'm always forgetting to do things - thank goodness for the chalk board shopping list on the wall in the kitchen!

My Canadian cousin makes the family calendars for Christmas. Her theme is always The Year of . . . and consists of photos she has taken around the world from holidays and business trips or even just around the corner at home - she always takes loads of photos so that she stays ahead of the game! Last year was my favourite only because it featured a lot of my chickens, some no longer with me. She even worked out a quiz and made funny photoshopping - like my feisty 9 year old chicken crossing the road - why? To visit a pub - which explains her grumpy moods - she's hungover. I hasten to add they do not leave my garden!!!

Eileen said...

Debby, I've watched tons of BuJo videos over the course of 18 months. One that I particularly like is BoHo Berry by Kara Benz. She talks a lot about the pens she uses. HTH with your decision.

Lisa said...

Because I'm a graphic designer . . . and a paper snob, I make my own bullet journal which I occasionally remember to use. I printed mine throughout with graph paper, because quilt blocks and I also leave room for movies and books. My pens of choice are called Maped Graph' Peps. They are super fine point (.4mm) felt style pens. The set I has had 20 colours so that's yummy too. They don't show through my paper (lynx 80lb text)